There is coming a day when Almighty God will be rightfully worshipped by an adoring people made up of some from every tribe, people, tongue and language.  We have a let's get going!


Our vision at The Hastening is to encourage the body of Christ to engage God’s heart for the peoples of the world.  We do this in THREE WAYS:  1) Education- We host Perspectives on the World Christian Movement twice each year in the Las Vegas valley and The Kairos Course during the year; 2) Experience- We provide opportunities to experience ministry cross-culturally here in Las Vegas, and in other parts of the world; 3) Exhortation- We graciously provide a challenge for individual followers of Jesus and churches to re-think their commitment to the things MOST important to God.  



Find out about us, our mission, our methods, and the results of our work.

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You were made for a significance FAR GREATER than you ever imagined.  Will you join God's global movement to be praised by every people?

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