The World Christian Movement


Jesus came to start a global movement...

   But actually it all started back with God's promise to Abraham in Genesis, Chapter 12.  God promised to Abraham that He would "bless him" and make him a great nation.  God's blessing to Abraham was not just for him and for his family but a blessing "so that all nations will be blessed through you."  When Jesus came along thousands of years later, He was the ultimate fulfillment of the promise to Abraham.  The "blessing" to Abraham was the gift of faith.  Not blind faith but the ability to trust that God had solved our sin problem, that God Himself took upon Himself our sin and shame and that by Him the world, all peoples, could experience His love and grace and experience life together with Him for an eternity of joy.   

The World Christian movement is simply a call to all followers of Jesus today to fulfill the promise given to Abraham and accomplished by Jesus.  One day some from every tribe and tongue and people and nation will stand before the throne of God in amazing praise.  That scene motivates the world Christian.  Join our movement!    Watch below as David Platt, President of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention (and a cool guy) explains: