There is coming a day when Almighty God will be rightfully worshipped by an adoring people made up of some from every tribe, people, tongue and language.  We have a let's get going!


Our vision at The Hastening is to encourage the body of Christ to engage God’s heart for the peoples of the world.  This is basic Christianity but we sometimes lose sight of the MOST important thing.  We also need a new generation of zealous goers and senders.  We need to re-ignite prayer and understanding of what God is doing and how we can cooperate with what He is doing.  There is nothing more exciting than being a part of God’s own work.



Find out about us, our mission, our methods, and the results of our work.

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You were made for a significance FAR GREATER than you ever imagined.  Will you join God's global movement to be praised by every people?

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